Through our open leadership model and philosophy, we leverage multiple networks and ideas for growth and development of communities.

We are essentially a customer driven organization and hence our commitment to deliver the best products and services required in the development market place locally, regionally and internationally. We provide a  diversified range of services that include:

  • Community Based Planning and management
  • Local Institutional Development and Change Management
  • Project Cycle Management
  • Innovative Resource Mobilization
  • Human Resources Development and Capability Assessments
  • Value Chain Development and Pro-poor Market Facilitation
  • Policy Analysis and Advocacy
  • Grant Management Services
  • Network Building and Capacity Enhancement



Seeking support for Hellen Hove Centre for Older Women

Helen Hove Elderly Care Centre is a centre for peace of mind, socialization and recuperation for the elderly, a place that keeps them active and appreciated but as each day passes the infrastructure is becoming a risk. The Centre, run by Mbuya Hove an older woman herself (aged 77 years) supports 30 older women who meet fortnightly for respite and to get psychosocial support.    The physi